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The tableland of Lamon is expanded at the threshold of the Dolomites Mountains, interned at east
with the deep etching engraving of Cismon torrent and surrounded from mountainous and hilly
elevation distinguishing from the area of Tesino and Valsugana.
The country capital develops on a broad and level ground terracing with an alluvial origin, while the
rest of the extended territory, farther 54 square kilometre (= 20, 84952 miles square), it results steep
and, for stretches, very difficult to reach.
In spite of that, on the past times, each remote patch of land has been colonized, and even today, we
can still see more than 40 countries ward.
On the Lamonese valley and on the nearby Sovramonte's municipality, are made known many
prehistoric discoveries that testify a human presence from Neolithic Age.

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In a cave (called "Bus de la Bela"), near San Donato, have been found a generous number of bones remains, concerning to the Ursus Speleus; one of this skeleton's has been completely rebuild and it is exposed on the
municipality entrance hall of Lamon.
The territory of Lamon, romanized about the I century in the year of the Lord, it was crossed by the road Claudia Augusta, a military road which connected Altino to Rezia. Its course was scattered with defences, one of which probably rose on San Pietro Hill, where later on was found the namesake parish church.
On the low zone of San Donato, in the piece of Piasentot, recently it has been found the rest of a
necropolis of later roman period, which is object of a large land of excavation which permitted, even today, to exhumes more than 50 tomb with their funerary equipments made up of ear-rings,
necklaces, fibulas, coins...

Part of this objects, suitably restored and catalogued, are exhibited to the public in our archaeological "the San Donato's roman necropolis", which is in the centre of the country, in Via Resenterra.
Near the centre, few of hundred metres distant, on the road to San Donato, in the Via Claudia
Augusta, it's visible a roman bridge, recently restored.
Since middle Ages period, the Lamon's economy was found on farming-pastoral activity and since
post-war period more than 700 families lived on by these activities. The tradition of pastoral activity is a first priority of Lamon's territory as well as all Veneto-Friuli regions; also on the cultivation of the bean, which brought to combine the name of LAMON's country to this precious legume, here cultivated.
The presence of the "Centro Regionale Di Riabilitazione Funzionale di Lamon" (Lamon's Functional
Rehabilitation Regional Centre) from ULSS n.°2 of Feltre is important for the economy and for the
country prestige. This centre is a hospital with giving of intensive rehabilitation in first aid regime and period of confinement to bed.

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Lamon is offering to the tourist-visitor the possibility to be delighted of a natural cairn and relaxing surrounding with the opportunity to go for many excursions along nature trail and taking him to discover numerous small outlying ward of the country town some of which by now uninhabited but plenty of fascination.
The paleontological naturalistic way "on the cave bear tracks" is a remarkable attraction, developing along the delightful torrent Senaiga valley.
Between San Pietro Church and the Functional Rehabilitation Centre there is a park, which is a
naturalistic way where all the people can admire the lovely landscape.
The San Daniele Church is a particular interesting structure's, which is deconsecrated and completely restored. Today became a prestigious container for cultural initiatives.
Lamon is offering important attractions to who loves the good food with the possibility to taste varied typical and particular Lamon's dishes like the smoking mutton meat, the fried cheese, the "pendolón" and a variety of dishes of rural traditions.
At the end, but not less important, is making known the proverbial person's hospitality about this
beautiful country.

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